The start of 2013 sees the beginning of a very unique collaboration between Yi and established British artist Chris Gollon. The outcome will be an extraordinary work of art and music, which when completed is planned to premiere in London and Beijing. Neither Yi nor Chris know where exactly the collaboration will go, which makes it doubly exciting, and they relish the process of working together, and one discipline inspiring or influencing the other. It’s also an in-depth look at the relationship between colour and music. Chris is planning a work with a huge sweep of humanity in it, and the seven ages of Man, which will be at least 60ft long in twelve 5ft panels. He will paint a panel, show it to Yi, and she will then compose a piece of music inspired by it, which she will then play and then give to Chris. He will then play it in his studio incessantly and respond in paint by trying to give in a painted image the same emotions (and colours) to the viewer as the music gives, and then move us again seamlessly in a new direction, and the panel he paints he will then show to Yi to inspire the next piece of music. This two-way traffic of musical and artistic inspiration will occur twelve times. The conversations between Yi and Chris are fascinating, as they discuss in depth and work with things like synesthesia and the colour of sound. The final work will only be shown with an orchestra and Yi Yao playing solos. Yi’s musical composition will be approx 20 minutes in length. To sign up to receive details of the first showing of this collaborative work, click: Newsletter.